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JCFAP is the national umbrella organization for associations of college students in finance or financial management. It was founded in June 2006.

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Junior Confederation of Finance Associations Philippines

Better known as JCFAP, is the national umbrella organization for associations of college students in finance or financial management. It was founded in June 2006.

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Partnership and Career Guidance

Focus on education advancement

It is committed to fostering educational advancement among its members through conventions, seminars, and inter-school activities that would foster camaraderie, social awareness, and civic consciousness among its members.

  • Camaraderie
  • Social Awareness
  • Civic Consciousness

Collaboration, unity and encouragement on financial literacy

An empowered world-class association that seeks to promote collaboration on financial education and practice, unifies junior financial students, and encourages ethical business professionals among its members.

  • Engage in events
  • Establish connections
  • Cultivate relationships

Comprehensive growth and development

From senior high school to university to financial careers to postgraduate education, JCFAP endeavors to be an essential platform for continuing professional development in the finance sector

Continuing professional development leads to competence and increase in competence leads to professional advancement.

  • Widest national network of finance students
  • Career planning leading to better jobs and businesses for finance
  • Organizing events, seminars, and conferences to increase financial literacy of its members and the general population

JCFAP reaches over 90 schools with 11 chapters nationwide

The JCFAP organization has established partnerships among different universities, by reaching out to their communities, in order to further continue the educational advancement in financial literacy

JCFAP Bohol Chapter
JCFAP Cagayan Valley Chapter
JCFAP Central Luzon Chapter
JCFAP Davao Chapter
JCFAP Soccsksargen Chapter
JCFAP South Luzon Chapter
Founding member schools


What are the perks and benefits of being a bonafide member? Membership helps the students to enjoy the following perks and benefits;

Physical ID & Membership Certificate

Physical Membership ID and Membership Certificate are the easiest and most convenient ways to verify the member's identity.

Invitation to seminars exclusive for JCFAP members

As a member, you will get a chance to be invited to the seminars organized and hosted by JCFAP and their Financial Literacy Partners.

Join the nationwide competition organized by JCFAP

Being a member gives you a chance to compete with other talented and intelligent members of JCFAP.

Discounts to the major events organized by JCFAP and ONE (1) FREE registration to Financial Literacy Caravan

Being a member comes along with discounts and exclusive online events!

Internship opportunities from JCFAP Partners

Continue to strive for the best even after college, as JCFAP provides tons of opportunities.

Network with other finance students nationwide

Be part of JCFAP and make connections with other finance students across different universities.


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Aaron Joseph C. Serrano

Director of Finance 2023-2024

Being part of JCFAP has provided me with a profound understanding of myself and my capabilities as a leader. The valuable lessons and experiences I have gained have empowered me to make a positive impact, spreading the difference we stand for.

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Wendy I. Barrientos

Vice President for Membership 2023-2024

JCFAP is an organization that will transform you into a more confident and knowledgeable individual and equip you with invaluable skills and insights that will significantly enrich your academic and professional journey.

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Patrick Ian T. Bituin

Vice President for Marketing 2023-2024

JCFAP has been instrumental in my personal and professional development, nurturing my leadership abilities and teaching me the importance of integrity.

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Sean Kristel L. Porcioncula

Vice President for Promotions and Communications 2023-2024

Being part of JCFAP has allowed me to uncover my potential. It guided me toward a path where I could nurture my creativity, hone my leadership skills, and refine my communication abilities.

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Princess Claire P. Isla

Vice President for Comptrollership 2023-2024

Through JCFAP, we were able to realize our potential to lead, motivate the students, and stand as a role model to the community.

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Joeny Mae O. San Diego

Executive Treasurer 2023-2024

JCFAP is an enriching and challenging journey that gave me a chance to gain leadership experience and develop my professional skills, in which I am forever grateful for.

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Justin Matthew R. De Sagun

Executive Secretary 2023-2024

The JCFAP consistently impacts me and my student leadership journey as it provides me with a corporate world-like management experience, highly influential peers, and relevant knowledge about finance.

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Rafael D. Nobela

Executive Vice President for External Affairs 2023-2024

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of JCFAP. I had a positive and enriching experience, both on a personal and professional level.

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Angel C. Villegas

Executive Vice President for Internal Affairs 2023-2024

Experiencing JCFAP created a big difference in my life as a student. It helps me figure out my WHY and continuously teaches me HOW to achieve it.

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Savina Mae B. Cerbito

National President 2023-2024

The JCFAP is an organization that helped me to become a difference and make a difference in the finance community.

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John Christian Balana

Junior Officer 2021-2022

Through JCFAP, I met interesting and motivated people from different walks of life; acquired practical skills that I can apply in my future career; spearheaded an event that makes a difference in many people's lives.

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Jemima Manangan

Junior Officer 2021-2022

We were trained in the JCFAP to be adaptable in any work setting, manage our time efficiently, collaborate with people from other educational institutions effectively, lead others, and so on.

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Diann Clarisse Diaz

Vice President for Corporate Relations 2020-2021

The organization will help you connect and collaborate with diverse groups of people and it will unite you with one mission – to serve the finance community.

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Leslie Tanseco

Executive Vice President for Internal Affairs 2020-2021

JCFAP as an organization is a good training ground for students to be fully equipped in preparation for the transition from student to professional.

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Armando Amores

Junior Officer 2021-2022

JCFAP leads and gives me the motivation to inspire myself and open more opportunities which is something I am planning to go through.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To become a member, they must apply for either individual registration if their school is not handling the application, or bulk/SHS membership, where their local organization, such as JFINEX, would receive all members' information and payment.

    Please remember that the membership application must be renewed at the start of each academic year

    For other further questions and clarifications, you may email us at

  • The annual membership fee is 100 pesos, and you can either deposit funds at an actual bank or pay via your online banking platform.

    BDO Account Number: 007280014787
    Account Name: Junior Confederation of Finance Associations - Philippines or Junior Confederation of Finance.

  • Consistent interaction with fellow finance students across the nation

    Widen connection with finance professionals

    Offered with spectrum of opportunities in the finance world

    Valued as a nationally recognized finance member

    Expanded knowledge and skills in the finance industry



    1. Membership requirements (in Excel file)
    2. Membership agreement (in PDF file)
    3. Deposit slip/s
    4. Organization Logo (High Resolution); and
    5. University Logo (High Resolution)



    1. Membership agreement
    2. Deposit slip/s

    After completing all of the requirements, send it via email at

  • JCFAP welcomes senior high students, particularly students taking Accountancy, and Business Management students.

  • JCFAP is an organization solely for students. If you are a professional or advisor in the financial industry and are interested in joining, you can do so through our affiliated financial literacy partner, Fin.Ed, which is a nationwide organization for finance educators and practitioners.

    You can reach them by sending an email to the following address: or contact Mr. Marc Kristian Gulle, the Fin.Ed secretary at

  • The term of membership in this Confederation is for one school year, renewable annually.

JCFAP National Executive Board Officers

Moving on to a new venture, these individuals will work hard to improve financial literacy and make the financial industry stronger.

Savina Mae B. Cerbito

University of Caloocan City - North Campus National President

Angel C. Villegas

University of Caloocan City - North Campus Executive Vice President for Internal Affairs

Rafael D. Nobela

Polytechnic University of the Philippines - San Juan Executive Vice President for External Affairs

Justin Matthew R. De Sagun

Batangas State University - The National Engineering University, JPLPC Malvar Executive Secretary

Joeny Mae O. San Diego

Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Sta. Mesa Executive Treasurer

Princess Claire P. Isla

Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas Vice President for Comptrollership

Sean Kristel L. Porcioncula

Cavite State University - Main Campus Vice President for Promotions and Communications

Patrick Ian T. Bituin

De La Salle University - Dasmariñas Vice President for Marketing

Wendy I. Barrientos

Leon Guinto Memorial College, Inc. Vice President for Membership

Aaron Joseph C. Serrano

University of Batangas - Lipa Campus Director of Finance


Reaching out to us is highly appreciated! Learn more about us through here:

Our Address

Unit 603 6th Floor, Cityland 10 Tower 1 H.V. Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village Bel-air, Makati City, NCR, Philippines, 1209


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Synergy Takes Center Stage at JCFAP Presidents’ Meeting 2023.

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