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Empowering Finance Leaders for a Sustainable Digital Transformation

Imagine the electrifying energy as hundreds of aspiring finance leaders from across the Philippines converged, brimming with ideas and eager to collaborate. Workshops buzzed with the chatter of collaboration, as minds from diverse institutions and backgrounds tackled real-world challenges. Seasoned industry experts shared their knowledge, inspiring future leaders to push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability. The resource speakers for this event are Mr. Reynaldo Lugtu, Mr. Juanquine Carlo R. Castro, Ms. Ann Gretchen Veran, Mr. Joel Doblar Jr.


Mr. Reynaldo Lugtu - Embracing a Digital Culture for Transformational Leadership

Starting with Mr. Lugtu, his topic is all about “Embracing a Digital Culture for Transformational Leadership” wherein he focuses more on the importance of cybersecurity and development. He stated “Empowering finance leaders for sustainable development requires a strategic combination of technological acumen, continuous learning, and forward thinking. This means actively integrating technology into their leadership style, building tech-savvy teams, and driving innovation through digital tools. The lesson lies in understanding that technology isn’t just a support system; it’s a catalyst for growth, allowing leaders to connect with wider audiences, foster agile decision-making, and unlock new pathways to impact.


Mr. Juanquine Carlo R. Castro - Assessing Sustainability Metrics and Managing Risk

Next one is Mr. Castro, wherein his topic is all about “Assessing Sustainability Metrics and Managing RIsk”. In essence, focusing on sustainability metrics and managing risk isn’t a sacrifice, it’s a strategic investment in your future. It’s about doing well by doing good. He stated that It’s important for us to really evaluate ourselves; what are our goals – short term goals, and what are our long term goals.


Ms. Ann Gretchen Veran - Adapting a Digital Culture with Safe and Efficient Technology Use

Third speaker is Ms. Veran and her topic is all about “Adapting a Digital Culture with Safe and Efficient Technology Use”. Integrating technology isn’t just about gadgets and trends; it’s about fostering a “digital culture” grounded in safety, efficiency, and innovation. By prioritizing secure and efficient technology use, businesses unlock unparalleled advantages. Secure systems protect against data breaches, streamlined processes boost productivity, and data-driven decisions unlock new markets and revenue streams. It’s a win-win: a safer, more agile environment equals a stronger, more competitive organization. She stated “ Leave the patterns to A.I., leave the passion to humans”.


Mr. Joel Doblar Jr. - Developing Leadership Skills for a Successful Fintech Transformation

For the last speaker, It is none other than Mr. Doblar Jr. His topic is focused more on “Developing Leadership Skills for a Successful Fintech Transformation”. Piloting a thriving fintech transformation demands more than just tech expertise. Leaders must hone their vision, agility, and collaboration skills to navigate disruption, empower teams, and adapt to shifting landscapes. He stated that “Becoming a FinTech leader needs and entails critical thinking and emotional thinking”. Leaders equipped with these “fintech leadership superpowers” can unlock game-changing innovation, overcome roadblocks with swift adjustments, and inspire teams to embrace change.

Collaborative Initiatives and Action Plans

The conference wasn’t just about gathering information; it was about igniting action. Leaders strategized joint projects, forged invaluable connections, and returned to their communities empowered to drive lasting change. Whether it’s advocating for financial literacy, developing responsible investment practices, or implementing green finance solutions, these leaders are now equipped to build a more inclusive and prosperous future.

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